RYNO+® Linesets

The evolution of linesets: designed to resist outside.

RYNO+® Linesets

Main features

RYNO+® does not need additional cover.

RYNO+® line sets are refrigeration C12200 grade copper tubes insulated with a proprietary elastomeric insulation coated with a protective outer jacket for HVACR applications. The outer jacket has UV retardant and does not need additional cover unless required by the Codes.

Line sets are manufactured in Waymart, Pennsylvania, United States of America.
RYNO+® Line Sets is patent pending.

Key Specifications

  • ASTM B1003, 700 psi - 250 °F rated
  • RYNO+ line sets are suitable for refrigerant R-410A, synthetic refrigerant and sub-critical CO2.

 Insulation foam assures thermal insulation from surroundings.

Product range

OD range
1/4 in - 1 1/8 in
Length range
25 ft - 164 ft
Insulation WT
1/2 in, 3/4 in, 1 in
plain or flare-nut
Outer jacket color
black or white
Insulation color
RYNO+® Linesets


RYNO+® Insulation

  • insulation foam: elastomeric insulation ASTM C534, type I (tubular), grade 1
  • thermal conductivity: 0,038 W/mK at 40°C or 0.24 Btu in/sq.ft.°F h at 75°F ASTM C117 or ASTM C518
  • water vapor permeability: 
  • working temperature: -70 °F / +220 °F - -60 °C / + 105 °C, ASTM C534
  • average bulk density: about 3 lb/ft^3
  • colors: WHITE (black foam + white skin) or BLACK (black or foam + black skin)
  • wall thickness: 1/2 in., 3/4 in., 1 in.
  • UV / outdoor resistance: ASTM G153 (no changes to surface), ASTM G154 (5,000 hours)
  • surface burning characteristics:
    • UL 94, 5V-A, V-0, HF-1;
    • UL 723 – ASTM E84, 25/50;
    • ULC S102.2, 25/50.


National and Local Building Codes compliance is mandatory and on sole Customer's and Contractor's liability.

Coated insulation is design to resist outside. UV exposure and weather offenses may vary drastically. 2018 International / Energy Conservation Code requires, not just recommends, protection for piping exposed in exterior; see par. C403.2.8.1 on the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code.

Decision on covering the pipe is on Customer's and Contractor's sole discretion and liability. The proper insulation thickness choice to avoid condensation is on Customer's and Contractor's sole discretion and liability. Insulation ends must be sealed to increase protection against rain, moisture and any contaminant.

Customer must use proper UV and weather resistant code compliant seal or tape.

The copper

RYNO® Refrigeration Copper Tube

  • C12200, 99.9 % Pure Copper manufactured without scraps
  • ASTM B1003, Seamless Copper Tube for Refrigeration Line sets
  • Cleaned to the highest standards.

The warranty


  • Copper tube: 10 years limited warranty.
  • RYNO+® insulation and jacket: 5 years limited warranty.

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  • Proudly Designed and Made in Waymart, PA, USA with Feinrohren Copper Tube.
  • Proudly Designed and Made in Waymart, PA, USA with Feinrohren Copper Tube.