Company history

PTubes, Inc. is the US subsidiary of Feinroren S.p.A.

At PTubes, Inc. we trace our legacy of producing and delivering the highest quality products for the HVAC industry back to 1959 when Faustino Pasotti founded Lumezzane, a small shop that produced capillary tubes for refrigerators.

Through persistence and innovation, the company grew to what is today… our multi-national parent company, Feinrohren SpA., the largest producer of copper tubes and capillaries in the world.

In those early years, the expertise that refined the art of tube-making into an exacting science allowed Feinrohren to expand to larger, more technically advanced facilities solidifying their position throughout Europe as true leaders in the copper tube manufacturing industry, supplying an extensive product line to a wide range of industries.

By the mid-nineties, Feinrohren was on the move again, this time with a strategic acquisition of Zetaesse SpA. – an international company known for its high quality coated copper tubes as well as a successful, patented, cross-linked polyethylene foam widely used in the construction, automotive, and marine industries.


Production soared and by 2010, a new cast and roll plant was put into operation dramatically increasing their ability to more effectively deliver to a growing global HVAC market.

2011 saw the acquisition of Tonoli Srl and Sogetub in 2012.
The two new companies brought advanced production knowledge and a strong line of accessories for the refrigeration, HVAC and water heating products and allowed Feinrohren to control a larger portion of the burgeoning French market.

By 2014, with our sights set on true internationalization. PTubes, Inc. was established to act as a distribution hub for the parent company with US-based management and a network of representatives, offering a full line of insulated copper tubing of unmatched quality to the North American and Canadian HVAC market. In 2018, PTubes, Inc. began production of insulated RYNO line set from our assembly plant and warehouse facilities in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

As we look toward 2020 and beyond, we will continue to deliver unwavering service to our customers, the distributors, contractors, engineers and all others who use our products and have benefitted from our commitment to quality and reliability over the years.

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  • Proudly Designed and Made in Waymart, PA, USA with Feinrohren Copper Tube.
  • Proudly Designed and Made in Waymart, PA, USA with Feinrohren Copper Tube.