Contractors need the best copper and the toughest jacket for ductless, mini-split…and unitary installations.

When contractors need a line set – they rely on “RYNO”.

Ideal for mini-splits

A cracked flare or a kinked tube causes delays and costs money. Mini-splits need tight, accurate connections especially with the higher pressures associated with R-410A. Superior copper – never from recycled scrap – creates sound flares and smooth bends. Maintaining insulation integrity is critical to the performance of any line set. The RYNO jacket is well known for its ability to adapt to tight corners during installation without tearing.

Time-tested quality

RYNO has been a trusted brand with contractors and the HVAC/R community across America for over 5 years. With the incredible growth of the ductless and mini-split market and the continued need for unitary repair and installation, RYNO will continue its stance of quality first for years to come.

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44% of HVAC sales will continue to be unitary air conditioners, which are the largest share of the demand.

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